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Have you ever really sat down and thought about the word “should”?

If you’re anything like me, you really haven’t (until recently) but perhaps its a part of your everyday self-talk.

If you’re not familiar with the term “self-talk” it is basically all of the things that we say to ourselves throughout the day.

You know….All of those thousands of thoughts we have but don’t speak aloud?

My internal dialogue has always sounded a lot like this:

“I should really clean the kitchen”
“I should have been nicer to that person”
“I should really go to that store today”
I should I should I should.

I’ve been shoulding all over myself my entire life…
And the sentences seems innocent enough. Innocuous even.

But that word is harmful.
Let’s be honest: Should is a judgement word.

When you don’t do what you “should” have done, then there are negative feelings around it…

​​​​​​​Like you didn’t make the right choices in your day, week or even your life.
“I should have ended up with that guy/girl”

Never mind the fact that you had an awful/ unsatisfactory/ manipulative/ abusive/ [fill in the blank] relationship and it likely ended for very valid and good reasons….
I notice my closest friends saying it about themselves too…

They “should” have gotten certain things done at work today.
And there is a defeated tone when they talk this way.
They’re judging what the day brought them and how they dealt with it.
Well, from here on out, I’m determined to replace the word “should” with “could” and I’ve been working on that diligently.
It really sounds easy enough, right? As if just interchanging one little judgy word with a little possibility word will make all of the difference….
And it has for me so far.

​​​​​​​“Could” has given me options.

There is no judgement in “could” and only limitless decisions that I have complete power over.

Could gives me hope and allows me to move forward in whichever way I feel is best.
Could empowers my decision making.

Could creates possibilities…
Yesterday, I “could” have cleaned my office and put things away.
Something I’ve been “shoulding” myself about for months.

But only because I finally “could” have done it, is why it got done.

And the office is beautiful and clean and I’m so proud and happy I did it.

So, are you shoulding all over yourself about your writing in your personal projects or in your business?

Maybe you’re having difficulties seeing what you could create with new content to communicate with your audience…

If that is the case, I’d love for you to schedule a quick and painless 30 minute session with me in the near future so we can discuss how we can move you out of judgement around your messaging and into possibility…

I want to help you fill that blank page today with amazing ideas and possibilities…

Yours in writing and Divine Feminine Leadership,

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