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What is a Divine Feminine Leader?


It is an interesting question…


When this company name first arrived, it was born of intuition, a voice that I heard and then some help from a mentor to refine it….


And I always felt this calling to define it for you so I started looking to, taking each word separately and inserting the definitions:


Divine: proceeding from God or a god: divine laws; divine guidance.


Feminine:  pertaining to a woman or girl: feminine beauty; feminine dress.


Leader:  a person or thing that leads


And I think those definitions are great, they have their place for certain, but they don’t paint the whole picture


This is what a Divine Feminine Leader is to me:


  • She is a woman who stops at absolutely nothing to attain her goals…
  • She works diligently, daily, to live in integrity with her truth…
  • She is always working towards her goals
  • She is true to herself and while her actions and decisions may ruffle feathers and upset others…
  • She lives, speaks and acts out her truth in a way that is loving and kind…
  • She knows her worth despite what others may tell her…
  • She lives by the motto of:  While there will be hurt, there doesn’t need to be harm

And here is the fact:

She understands she is not perfect, and isn’t able to live by all of these creeds all of the time…


Who can?


But she strives to show herself as much love and compassion as she possibly can and practices patience and forgiveness with herself and others as often as possible.


She is a Divine Feminine Leader.


She is strength.







I’m curious, when you first saw the name “Divine Feminine Leaders,” what came up for you?  How do you define her?  Do you feel you are one?  


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