Be seen as the expert
in your field by
writing a book

Do you wish there was an easy way to attract new clients & consumers?

Are you feeling unheard even though you’re doing everything you can to get your business message out into the world?

Do you feel invisible by potential clients even though you’ve been writing a newsletter?

Does getting seen as the expert seem like it’s within reach but you’re confused as to how to make it happen?

I’m here to tell you the best way to get recognized as an expert and attract clients effortlessly is through writing a book.

I can help you do that.

You may be thinking…

There are already a million books written on my topic.

They don’t want to hear from me.

I’m not a good writer.

I don’t have anything to say.

Your ideal clients are out there waiting for someone like you, but until they get your book, they won’t know you exist.

But imagine if you could:

Confidently connect with your clients

Spend less time on marketing and more time doing what you love

Build a base of raving fans (even if you don’t already have many fans or followers)

Step into your leadership and become the one your clients look to for expert advice

Start with a Birth That Book Session.

The Birth That Book Session is a 30-minute call where we get really clear about how to speak with your clients, who your client is or how to share your message with the world in a big way. This is a great opportunity to get personalized attention from Jen on how a book would help your business.

During our session, we will:


Craft a customized content strategy plan for you and your business going forward


Adjust your elevator pitch so people understand exactly what you do


Identify your ideal client is so you can start talking to them today!

You’ll get strategic insights, actionable steps and a plan for your next steps in content development.

Frequently Asked Questions

This call is only 30 minutes.... Is that really enough time?

Yes.  Jen is very skilled at getting to the root of the content problems happening in your business.  She has a keen sense of clarity and is able to guide you to your next steps with ease.

Will I have a ton of work to do after this call?

Depending on how you feel about the strategies outlined in the session, you may want to implement the actions quickly to start attracting and creating raving fans.

What People Are Saying

“I always look forward to my conversations with Jen. She is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with incredible intuition. She has helped me gain clarity and confidence in the work I do. I always feel supported and encouraged by her.” – Anne Tipton

“Jen is one of the most heartfelt people and genuine people to talk to. She truly knows how you feel along your journey and is able to give amazing guidance. She has been there for me both when I’ve been down and when I’ve achieved my greatest accomplishments along this path. I love working with Jen because I trust her and have every confidence in her insight, abilities and she takes confidentiality very seriously. She is extremely trustworthy and genuine.” – Kay Wingler

Jen was able to put into words what I couldn’t put together. It ministered deeply to my soul. Even though I feel I have unusually high levels of clarity, I had a difficult time communicating with other people, but I was able to completely share that with Jen. Even when I couldn’t find the right words, she heard what I was saying. The way she processes everything is amazingly clear. I still find it remarkable. As soon as I met her, I knew I was meant to work with her…In fact, I had been praying to meet someone who could help me with clarity and when she walked in, I knew she was the answer to my prayers. I’ve never met someone with Jen’s level of clarity. She is really centered and has a lot of amazing wisdom.” – L.A.

“Jen has been such a blessing to my life and my work! She is one of the most compassionate and inspired women I know. On countless occasions, she has helped me drill down on the direction of my business, my ideal clients and the marketing that I do. She is really good at taking in a bunch of information and finding the important things, finding the areas that could be most improved – all with a big smile and a ton of encouragement. I am so happy to know her and have her support in my business!” – Sunny McMillan

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About Jen Lee

Jen Lee is a book consultant and the CEO of Divine Feminine Leaders where she helps female entrepreneurs share their mission with the world through writing and publishing a book. Jen is a strong advocate for the women business owners she works with by helping them get their voice heard so they can inspire and help the people who are looking for their services.

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